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Mailbox Peak


To say the least, this is one of those hikes that after you have done it once, you'll have gotten it off your list of hikes and won't need to do it again. After a nice half mile walk along a mountain road after parking your car, the hike truly begins. Over the next 2.5 miles, you steeply gain nearly 4000 feet. That is pretty much 1500 feet per mile, so it is a steep hike and doesn't stop going up. You stay in trees and "enjoy" the greenery as you just keep climbing. After 2 miles of continuous climbing, you get a short break with a little bit of down hill and flat, but more uphill lies ahead. You finish the hike with a fun scramble up to the peak to find a mailbox filled with memories from people over the years. Who knows how far back in time the notes come from, but the mailbox is stuffed full of notebooks, cards, little items, whatever people have left. You have a pretty good view north to see the snoqualmie valley, traced with logging roads. The the south west you can see Rattlesnake ridge, and just west of the peak you see Mt. Si. It is a lovely view from 4800', but staring you in the face is the climb down. All the steep climb up simply meant that there was a steep climb down. I definitely felt it in my knees on my way down, and was happy to make it back to the road. It is a very tough hike and not for beginners, unless you want to spend 6 hours hiking a 5 mile hike. It is worth completing this hike once!

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Mt. Si

One of my favorites

Corley and I also made it out to hike Mt. Si! Thise is one of my favorite hikes to do. It is tough, but not going to make you hate yourself for doing it and takes you to a great view and fun boulder hoping at the top. It is close to 8 miles round trip. It is a very popular hike, so you'll often run into lots of people on the trail. It starts out kicking your butt a bit, but after a mile and a half you get to a nice little break with a board walk and a few signs teaching you a little about the burn that had happened there many years ago and about the forest. You get back to hiking and have a gradual climb the rest of the way until you hit to rock field at the top. After you hike around the rocks, there is the hay stack! If you have a nice enough day, definitely take the opportunity to climb up the hay stack. It is a steep climb up a rock wall, but can be done easily. And the view from the top is amazing with a few good spots to take a break to eat some snacks and rest before hiking back down the mountain. You can see bellevue and all the way to seattle from the top, then looking back down the valley and back into the Alpine Lake Wilderness.

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Heather Lake

North Cascades

One of the first hikes I went out to do after returning home this year was Heather Lake with my sweet girlfriend Corley. She had done the hike many times before, but for me, it was the first time. I was a nice 4 mile round trip hike. Near the beginning of the hike was a trail register, which was a lot of fun to sign in as Lucky Nalgene once again. It was a pretty hike, slowly getting steeper and steeper, following an unseen, but heard creek up to Heather Lake. Stepping over the root system of beautiful fir trees, and stepping up large rocks in the path, you make your way to a loop around the lake. There are a couple camp sites around the lake, leaving to mind that there must be fish living there. Looming over the lake are some tall peaks that still have signs of snow on them late in summer, bringing water to the lake. It was a lovely hike, and really not too terribly tough.

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